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Central Ohio's stringed instrument service destination

  • Comprehensive instrument setup packages

  • Guitars & bass guitars, acoustic & electric

  • Mandolins, ukes - anything with strings

  • Repairs, restorations, alterations

  • Pickup & delivery included with all services

Experience one of the most complete setup processes anywhere

  • Instruments are tuned for YOU based on our Player Style Survey

  • Standard adjustments include neck relief, string action, and intonation

  • Truss rod, nut, and saddle adjustments are included in every setup

  • Fret levelling, crowning, shaping, and polishing are included in our complete setup 

  • Special acoustic measurements include wood moisture content

  • Special electric measurements include magnet strength and pickup resistance

  • Written documentation is provided with all setup work

  • Multiple setup packages are available to meet almost any budget

Call or text us today!

(614) 593-9963

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